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What We Are All About

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We're On A Misson

If advertisements didn’t work, we wouldn’t have all begged our parents for that colorful mushy sand we saw on TV when we were kids. How many times has a stranger at the grocery store read your funny shirt out loud to you or complimented your shoes? People look at what you are wearing. If you are wearing a shirt promoting getting outside and going to a national park and enjoying nature, it might encourage someone to take that much needed trip this week. Our shirts can be reminders to stop getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world and go lose cell phone service for the weekend. Our shirts can be what it takes for someone who’s never been on a hike before to do an online search for that national park and finally enjoy nature. When someone goes to a national park, they are inspired, their soul is woken up, they realize they need to be more proactive about taking care of the environment.
When someone experiences the beauty of the great outdoors, it shows them how fragile it is.
They take our planet seriously and stop taking it for granted. We want our shirts to remind people to get outside and love it. Our goal is to get people enjoying nature and caring for our planet, and we hope that our clothing will help promote that and inspire others.

Here To Help

We donate a percentage of our profits to helping the parks, at the end of the month we pick which cause we feel like could use the money the most at the moment. As our company grows, we hope to expand the ways we can help.

Meet Our Models

More than just a pretty face!


Our founder. National Park enthusiast, Graphic Designer, and post card collector. Lindsay's favorite national park is Canyonlands, but she also kind of can’t decide because all the parks she’s been to have something really special about them.


Our web designer, surfer, who’s pretty much been everywhere cool in the world, and got air lifted out of the mountains one time. Dimitri's favorite national park is a mix between Zion and Joshua Tree but if the ocean itself was a national park he would probably pick that.


Our camper, glamper, who’s learning how to snow board, knows her way around a cast iron skillet and an open fire and is always planning her next camping trip. Kayla’s favorite national park is actually the whole state of Utah.


Our animal lover, pro camper, and happiest camper. If there is an animal she is stopping to appreciate their beauty and probably take a few photos of them. Simone’s been camping her whole life and she always lights up the room with her presence and smile she is the campfire at the campsite. Simone’s favorite national park is anywhere the animals are.


Our green guru, yoga master, painter, who’s always making conscious efforts to minimize her impact on the environment and inspiring us to make a change too. Grace is a free spirit who always goes with the flow. Grace's favorite national park is everywhere, she can appreciate them all.


Our hiker, stargazer, who’s always down for a weekend trip, and will laugh and smile the whole way there. Sindi's dream is to own a ranch and spend her days riding horses with her family. Sindi's favorite national park is Red Rock Canyon, it’s not a National Park Park but it’s managed by the National Park Service so it counts. She loves any trail she can go running or biking in.


Our engineer, athlete, who is getting a PHD and always loves to challenge himself. Luke might be a little cooler than us. Not only is he a genius, he loves being active and outside. One time Luke walked 26 miles in one day and he’s basically fluent in Mandarin. Luke’s favorite national park is Grand Teton.
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